Education loan


Education Loan

This loan shall be disbursed to cater for school fees and related expenses only


  1. The loan will only be disbursed after a valid school fees structure has been presented
  2. The loan shall be disbursed via cheque to the institution directly
  3. Shall be repaid within a maximum period of 24 months for post-secondary education and 12 months for secondary and primary institutions
  4. Must be fully guaranteed
How to apply for a loan
  • Fill in loan application form
  • Return loan form for appraisal and approval
  • Pay loan insurance fund of 1% of approved loan
  • Collect loan cheque
  • Start paying loan promptly after a Grace period of one month.
Mode of payments

Members can make their remittances through the following banks;

Basilica Self Help Group

Caritas Micro Finance Bank- Cardinal Otunga Plaza

Account No: 1002007000102

Basilica Self Help Group

Cooperative Bank- City Hall annex Branch

Account No: 01100092802700

M-Pesa Paybill No. 527505

Account No: Member No. and Name

(Members are required to indicate on the banking slips their membership numbers)

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