Development loan


Development Loan

This is an all-purpose loan granted to all members individually or to corporates to finance development projects


  1. Must be fully guaranteed for both individuals and corporates
  2. Loan duration as per the loan repayment schedule
How to apply for a loan
  • Fill in loan application form
  • Return loan form for appraisal and approval
  • Pay loan insurance fund of 1% of approved loan
  • Collect loan cheque
  • Start paying loan promptly after a Grace period of one month.
Mode of payments

Members can make their remittances through the following banks;

Basilica Self Help Group

Caritas Micro Finance Bank- Cardinal Otunga Plaza

Account No: 1002007000102

Basilica Self Help Group

Cooperative Bank- City Hall annex Branch

Account No: 01100092802700

M-Pesa Paybill No. 527505

Account No: Member No. and Name

(Members are required to indicate on the banking slips their membership numbers)

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